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A simple solution to the ultimate grilling question, Gas or Charcoal? Enjoy both with our Gas2Coal® hybrid grill.

This combination grill easily converts from gas to charcoal in only three steps in less than 60 seconds and no tools are required.

  • Simply light the charcoal with the gas burners, no lighter fluid is required.
  • Three main burners with solid cast iron grates give you lot's of room to barbecue for your friends and family.
  • The patented charcoal tray ensures uniform heat and fewer flare-ups.
  • One stainless steel side burner gives you the opportunity to make gravy or prepare vegetables.
  • One side shelf allows storage of tools or other accessoiries. The temperature gauge is lid-mounted and two wheels ensure an easy mobility.

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I have always been against having a gas BBQ, as for me it was not a BBQ. As in the food was not chargrilled with that awsome smokiness, rather it was chargrilled - not the same thing in my world. So I went on a massive BBQ hunt to find a BBQ with both charcoal and gas, and I kept arriving at this one! So although it really is not the cheapest of BBQ's, I always believe in buying good quality so it lasts a good while. After researching the Charbroil brand (which is very popular in the USA) I then researched where to buy. Greatest Outdoor had the best price at the time, and although I hadn't heard of them I ordered with a little hesitation (as I do with online companies I've not heard of). There were a few hiccups with the order and I thought 'here we go' BUT much to my delight Martin (who I believe may be the owner) was amazing. Delightful, helpful and amazing customer service. He helped with the order, with a BBQ cover that the courier company seemed to tell us it had vanished! I then had an issue a few weeks after having the BBQ and he was instantaneously ready to help. Now the Gas2Coal Hybrid I hear you ask? How is it? AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! It is very well build, so no qualms there. It does take 3-4 hours (I got bro-in-law to build it LOL). But he did a great job bless him. Once the gas is attached. Thats it. Put the coals in the tray. Put all gas burners on for 15 minutes. Coal starts to get the white tops beautifully. Open lid. I give it a few moments and then cook! I warn you though it does give off quite a lot of smoke in the 'warming up of the coals' stage, which my neighbours hate! But hey plus side is you don't use any lighting fluids etc I use the briquettes and get a good 2 plus hours cooking. The coals do lose heat towards the end of say 2 1/2 3 hours but then thats the beauty of a hybrid, I wack on the gas and it keeps going but see you've not lost out on that chargrilled smokiness that I always MUST have! Any flaws? Well I bought a chicken roaster with the cup, so you can make cola chicken or beer chicken etc, so the chicken sits upright with cup up butt (haha) and if you were to get say a medium chicken the lid is not deep enough I think to cope with shutting the lid and there is room for air to circulate for even cooking. So I guess it could have done with a deeper/higher lid for more experimental cooking that I do, rather than just burgers and sausages and steaks! Plus I think for serious BBQ'ers like myself I would have liked a bigger surface area to cook on, as I tend to have many thing on the go... All in all though I would give it 9/10 (1 knocked off for the above), and Greatest Outdoors a 10/10 for such amazing and outstanding customer service throughout the sale and after sales! Phenomenal.
Brilliant! Best of both worlds - Gas and Charcoal.

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This BBQ because it does provide the best of both worlds. Being able to light the charcoal with the gas burners is a great bonus, even as a bit of a charcoal purist myself and I can't deny having the gas ring on the side is a really attractive plus point... a few onions with your burgers guys?! One of our best selling BBQs for good reason.

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Watch the Gas2Coal Video