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Custom Dancook Kitchen GranLite table for sink

Art #
DUP 001

This is a bespoke GranLite Sink Table to fit the Dancook Kitchen Frame. Manufactured solely for it is an essential component for your Custom Dancook Outdoor Kitchen.

This exclusive GranLite Sink Table is offered as a viable alternative to the Dancook Granite Table which is no longer being manufactured.

  • Colour: Charcoal dark grey.
  • Material: GranLite - PVC compressed to create a strong, light, rigid and hardwearing worksurface suitable for the outdoors.

Please contact us for more advice or if you are interested in our unique custom sink assembly kit which includes all you need to assemble and plumb in your own Dancook sink area with hot and cold running water and waste drainage then please click here.

Aperture Dimensions: Sink hole diameter 405mm, tap hole diameter 35mm (See 'what we say' below for some advice).

To view the complete range of Custom Dancook items see the Kitchen landing page.

NOTE: It is business as usual here but due to the Codid19 situation our warehouse is currently backdated by about 5 working days. 


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We think this is a must. Prepping outside while you cook is just so therapeutic and what a way to impress your friends - I get mine helping out! For some reason Dancook don't sell taps and sinks but it's a doddle to sort out. Here's what we bought - these items fitted perfectly: SINK / TAPS Then there's some simple plumbing that an average DIY-er should easily manage. We plan to create a video on this: In the meantime please contact us for more advice

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