Custom Dancook kitchen for sink
  • Custom Dancook kitchen for sink
  • Custom Dancook Kitchen for Sink
  • Alan Titchmarsh Kitchen
  • custom dancook kitchen
  • Custom Dancook Kitchen Sink
  • Custom Dancook Kitchen Sink
  • Custom Dancook Kitchen Sink
  • Custom Dancook Kitchen Sink

Custom Dancook Kitchen for Sink

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170000 x1, 170003x1, 170005 x2

As featured on the Alan Titchmarsh 'Love you Garden' Show on ITV 27.08.19. This custom Dancook Kitchen system is built upon an affordable modular design in restaurant-grade stainless steel to last a lifetime. It features a stainless steel sink area with GranLite surround with the option of a built-in kettle 58cm charcoal kettle BBQ and granite work surface. 

Due to its sleek and simple Danish design, this system is easy to clean and maintain and nothing is hidden behind gas canisters or metal trays. 

The Greatest Outdoor company supply everything required to ‘get the look’ as featured on the Alan Titchmarsh 'Love your garden show' including the sink, taps and waist plumbing with supporting assembly videos.

Dancook Kettle Charcoal Sink kitchen with drainer details:

  • 1x Dancook Kitchen stainless steel frame (#170 000)
  • 2 x Dancook Kitchen Tables - stainless steel (for lower storage area) (#170 005)
  • 1 x Dancook Saligna FSC wood table (#170 003)

This Dancook Kitchen featured here is the unit designed for a sink, while the images also show another Dancook Kitchen with a kettle barbecue installed (which is also available on this website and shown to demonstrate the complete look). 


If you have been a charcoal kettle fan and would like to begin prepping food outside with the luxury of commercial kitchen grade work surfaces and with the ability to wash vegetables, clean your hands and generally wash up, then this is for you.

Some outdoor kitchens are over the top for the majority of people who realise that having cupboards and fridges etc is a step too far. The Dancook Kitchen is a credible solution for those who want to have a kitchen area but don't want to pay huge sums of money for features that they know they'll never use.

All Dancook kitchens are manufactured in weatherproof materials - granite, GranLITE, saligna FSC hardwood and stainless steel.

Optional extras:

For the complete 'look' as featured, you will also need:

  • 1 x Sink table in GranLITE (#DUP 001) see here
  • 1 x Sink Kit (#DUP 003) see here

These two items will allow you to assemble and plumb in your Dancook sink area with hot and cold running water and waste drainage. 

To view the complete range of Custom Dancook items see the Kitchen landing page.

Please contact us for more advice.

NOTE: It is business as usual here but due to the Codid19 situation our warehouse is currently backdated by about 5 working days. 

RRP £419.96

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Once you've got a sink installed, which is really very easy to do, especially with the Greatest Outdoor Sink Kit - you'll never look back. When you think about it, when would you eat around someone's house if they dind't have a sink in their kitchen - it's just not hygienic and certainly not very practical. Forgetting all that, this is built to last forever and look the business.

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