Dancook sink kit
  • Dancook sink kit
  • Dancook sink kit
  • Dancook sink kit

Custom Dancook Kitchen Sink Assembly Kit

Art #
DUP 003

If you are creating a Dancook Kitchen and want to add a sink and taps then look no further.

Due to the popularity of Dancook kitchens and the convenience of being able to wash your hands with hot and cold running water outside, here at the Greatest Outdoor we decided to make the process even MORE convenient buy creating this Sink Assembly Kit. No need to dash back to the house after handling chicken or pork, or being able to rinse those vegetables or wash up/wash down. 

Included in the kit is our unique stainless steel plumbing bracket that allows you to keep the hot and cold feed neat and tidy and also allows you to be able to be able to attach/detatch the hoses easily if you want to.

We've basically done all the thinking so you don't have to.

The Sink Kit
1 x Waste Trap
1 x Strainer Waste with plug
1 x Stainless Steel Sink
2 x Cable ties x 2 QTY
3 x Waste Pipe Grey 32mm sections cut to the correct size
2 x 32mm white Pushfit 135 elbow joints
2 x Hose 1.5m
2 x Reducing nipple
1 x Chome plated Kitchen Sink Mixer Taps
1 x Stainless Bracket

(The items you see pictured may vary slightly from time to time subject to availability).

You may also be interested in the GranLite sink table to which all this attaches.

To view the complete range of Custom Dancook items see the Kitchen landing page.

NOTE: It is business as usual here but due to the Codid19 situation our warehouse is currently backdated by about 5 working days. 


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We are bound to say that this is the Greatest Sink Kit for the Dancook Kitchen - after all, we are the only company that can supply one!. Seriously though, we have put in a lot of time to get this right for our customers and we are very proud of the end result that will save you time and money and a lot of head scratching!

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